Leader Training

The Akela Trail

After being approved as a leader and receiving a BSA number, you can register and start your training at my.scouting.org.

Training consists of multiple e-learning modules that take between 15-40 minutes to complete.

Your training will be tracked in scoutbook, just like your scout.

Council Specific Training (45 Minutes)

  1. Go to myscouting.org and create an account. You will need your BSA number, which you receive after you have completed and Adult Leader Application and it has been processed by the Pine Tree Council.
  2. Take the following courses at myscouting.org...
    1. Youth Protection Training
    2. Print the Youth Protection Training Certificate (available upon completion of the course)
    3. This is Scouting
    4. Leader Specific (depending on the role you will be performing)
  3. Your completed certificates will automatically sync with scoutbook.

Pack Specific Training (45 minutes)

  1. Click Here to go to the Pack Specific Training