How much does it cost?

Pack Dues

Dues cover the annual registration costs for scouts and leaders and include the cost of running our scouting program including scout awards & patches, equipment, supplies, and events like Pinewood Derby. Dues are set yearly by the Pack Committee and you can contact our Pack Treasurer at to find out more about pack dues.

All new Scouts (first time registering) also have a one-time registration fee of $25.

What Pack 311 pays for:

  • National, Local BSA Registration fees, & Insurance.

  • Awards, advancements & rank badges

  • Monthly Pack meetings, activities & supplies

  • Den meetings materials & leader guides

  • Pinewood Derby car kits & event costs

  • Blue & Gold Banquet & Entertainment

  • Pack camping trips

  • Selected meals & refreshments at activities or camping trips

  • BSA required training & education for adult leaders

What families pay for:

  • Scout uniform (shirt, neckerchief, and slide.)

  • Cub Scout Handbook for the appropriate rank

  • Pack T-shirt (a.k.a Class B uniform or field shirt)

  • Extra Pack Trips (i.e. snow tubing, indoor rock climbing, and our annual Big Trip)

  • Extra Camping Costs (i.e. the Pack pays for campground, supplies, firewood, etc. Parents may be asked to contribute to the cost of meals on a per person or per family basis.)

  • Extra family members who attend events or trips.

Fundraising Option:

Each year Pack 311 participates in the Council's BSA annual popcorn fundraising program. This program is one of the main ways, besides dues, that the Pack raises money to cover the cost of activities and events. Each family is encouraged to participate in fundraising.

Dues can be covered partially or in full by selling popcorn in the council fundraiser and meeting the individual scout sales goal set by the Pack Committee.

  • Easily meet your sales goal by selling 10-15 of the best-selling items.

  • A percentage of sales over the goal is shared with scouts in an Individual Scout Account (ISA).

  • The more the pack makes during fundraising the more activity costs the pack can cover during the year.

  • Individuals who do not meet sales goals are responsible to pay prorated dues.

Individual Scout Account (ISA):

Each Scout who sells over the individual sales goal will have a percentage of each sale held in their Individual Scout Account (ISA). ISA money is used to cover scout-related expenses (such as annual dues & pack trips costs) or scouts can be reimbursed for other scout-related expenses such as uniforms, handbooks, camping gear, scout camp, etc. These scout accounts can accumulate over multiple years and can be helpful in reducing your families out of pocket costs.