Annual Popcorn Fundraiser

Overview & Sales Goal:

Each year our Pack sells popcorn in the community to fundraise and teach our scouts to “pay their own way”. This also teaches our scouts the following skills:

  • Goal setting

  • The power of persuasion

  • How to handle rejection gracefully

  • Perseverance

  • Math skills

Sales Goal:

Each year the Pack Committee sets the annual budget and a popcorn sales goal for each scout. If a scout reaches this level of sales they will cover 100% of their annual pack dues! This can be achieved by going door-to-door and accepting Take Orders, signing up for a Shown N Sell shift or selling to family and friends online.

Why Do We Sell Popcorn?

The Council Popcorn fundraiser is Pack 311's biggest source of income and allows our pack to run a high-quality program. The more the pack makes through fundraising, the more activity costs the pack can cover during the year!

Here is just a small sampling of the activities supported by your fundraising efforts and participation:

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Annual Big Trip

  • Pack Meeting Activities

  • Ice Cream Social

  • Blue and Gold Banquet

  • Family Camping Weekend

  • Scout patches, badges, and recognition awards

  • Indoor Rock Climbing

  • Snow Tubing

Important Terms, FAQ & Best Practices:

Terms to Know:

  • Popcorn Kernel: Pack 311's volunteer who is coordinating the yearly popcorn fundraiser. Our Kernal can be reached at

  • Take Order: Scouts take orders and turn them into the Popcorn Kernel. One bulk popcorn order is placed for the popcorn sold by the entire unit. Scouts deliver popcorn to their customers after the pack picks it up in early November.

  • Show N Sell: When Units set up a display in their neighborhood or at a venue. Scouts sell popcorn during the Show n Sell and hand it to customers at the time of purchase. Pack 311 has purchased a supply of popcorn to have on hand for Show N Sells. Scouts sign up for an available shift and then earn a percentage of the total Show N Sell sales based on the number of hours worked. This dollar amount is credited towards their sales goal.

  • Online Sales: Scouts can sell popcorn to out-of-town family and friends using the Camp Master website. Each Scout must set up their own profile and send out a personalized link.


  • 73% of each sale supports local scouting

  • 35% of each sale directly supports Pack 311

  • Most online orders include FREE shipping

  • Previous Show N Sells have average sales of $65-$150 per scout hour!

  • If a customer wishes to pay via personal check, please have the check made payable to Pack 311.

  • Military Donations: CAMP MASTERS will send the popcorn ordered to our military personnel.

Best Practices:

  • Always wear your full Class A uniform when selling.

  • Always smile and introduce yourself, first name only.

  • Always tell the customer why you are selling popcorn.

  • Always know what products you are selling.

  • Always say thank you.

Ways to Sell:

Show N Sells:

  • Show and Sells make up a big part of our popcorn program. We've obtained permission from local businesses to set up a sales table. Show and Sells have plenty of products on-hand for people to buy. Different Scouts work at the table in shifts and always have adult supervision.

  • Check the calendar for show and sell times and other important details.

Signing up for Show and Sells

  • Check your email, and use the sign-up link to sign up for one or more of the Show and Sell times/locations

Take Orders:

Door to Door:

  • The Scout and a parent go door to door with a Take Order Form. Take Order Forms will be provided during the Popcorn Kickoff

  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects the money at the time the order is placed.

  • The Scout processes the order and delivers the Popcorn to the Customer in a few weeks.

Selling at Work:

  • Scout's adult takes an order form to their work.

  • Fellow co-workers write their orders on the order form and money is collected at the time the order is placed.

  • Scout's adult delivers products in a few weeks.

Selling Online:

  • The Scout communicates their Scout Keycode via email, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The customer can go online and purchase popcorn with a Credit Card at

  • The product is shipped directly from Camp Masters to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.

  • We encourage Take Orders & Show N Sells whenever possible because Scouting earns a higher percentage of those sales. Most online sales only provide scouting 60% commission instead of the normal 70%

Important Dates:

2021 Popcorn Calendar

  • August 1st: Popcorn Sale Starts!

  • October 7th: Take orders are due to the Popcorn Kernel.

  • November 12th: Take-Order and Prize Distribution day

Show-N-Sell Popcorn Information:

Show N Sell Dates:

  • Saturday, Sept 18th: Cabelas Show N Sell

  • Saturday, Sept. 25th: Walmart Biddeford Show N Sell

  • Sunday, Sept. 26th: Walmart Biddeford Show N Sell

Check your email, and use the sign-up link to sign up for one or more of the Show and Sell times/locations

Scouts % of Sales:

Scouts earn a percentage of the total Show N Sell. The percentage is based on the total Show N Sell sales and the number of hours worked. This dollar amount is credited towards their sales goal. Past Show N Sells have average sales of $65-$150 per scout hour!

Show N Sell Sign-up Commitments:

If you sign up for a time slot, please make it a commitment. It’s difficult for the Popcorn Kernel to find last-minute coverage. If you cannot make it, please contact the Popcorn Kernel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled shift. Please provide a contact number on sign-up.


Please arrive 5 min early for your shift. If you signed up for the first shift of the day – PLEASE arrive 20 min early to set up. Put 4-5 bags on the table of each popcorn. All other boxes are under the table and out of sight.


Putting popcorn in the correct boxes they came in. Please put the money box, donation jar & clipboards in the tote. Folding table and chairs, popcorn, and containers are returned to the Popcorn Kernal. **Do not give away boxes, we need them.**

Scout Etiquette at Show N Sell:

  • Scouts should be in their Class A uniform, standing up, shirts tucked, and looking sharp!

  • All scouts are standing out in front of the table greeting customers, “Would you like to support scouting?”

  • Encourage scout to smile and telling customers why they are selling, if asked, “to pay for camps” and various council and pack activities. (know the camps and/or activities)

  • Encourage scouts to speak up and smile. ALWAYS say THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY even when ignored or says NO.

  • It’s ok for a scout to say “WE TAKE DONATIONS TOO” if they don’t want popcorn.


  • SCOUTS need to help with set up and clean up

Parents Responsibility at a Show N Sell:

  • Highlight your name & scouts on the sheet when you arrive.

  • All paperwork is provided on the clipboard.

  • 2 parents at all times.

  • Leaders in uniforms, parents wear pack t-shirt if you have one.

  • Oversee the handling of the monies & donation jar.

  • Parents/leaders will handle all credit card transactions.

  • Tallies on form as popcorn is sold, please keep track. Keep table popcorn full.

Popcorn Tracking & Tallying:

Beginning of a Shift: At the start of your shift, parents will count all the popcorn on hand (example: 12 bags to a case, you have 2 cases left.. PLEASE PUT 24) Please tally in each appropriate row of popcorn sold.

End of a Shift: please count and mark the ending inventory (how many you have left in your inventory and ON table)

End of Day: At end of the last shift, please complete your end-of-shift popcorn tally and then put popcorn back into boxes they belong in. All clipboards, donation jars, the money box, signs, table cloths, etc. go back into the tote. Please fold up the table and chairs and return them to the popcorn kernel or have them ready for the leader in charge of pick up.


Scouts should be holding the Donation Jar out in front of the table and in customers' view. If it gets filled up (it definitely happens!) please put dollar bills (Keep all change in jar) in the donations envelope inside the bottom of the money box. Mark on donation sheet on the clipboard, amount, etc.


CAMP MASTERS High Achiever Prizes & Incentives:

Camp Masters has rewards to motivate and congratulate Scouts who sell $3000 or Up! Choose a prize below and GO FOR IT!

$3,000 Sales Achievement: Scouts can choose 1 of two options below

  • Outdoor Camping Package: 2 person water tent, 6-in-1 Grilling tool, Hanging Hammock, Cooler Chair Backpack, Camp Stove w/ two burners, Camping Bluetooth Speaker w/ Power Bank, Metal Campfire Mug, Retractable Straw & Utensil Set, 20-Can Cooler with Speakers

  • Visa Debit Card: Reward equaling 5% of Total Sales. Example: $3,000 would equal a $150 Debit Card. Debit cards are rounded to the nearest $10.

Did You Know? Scouts Online Sales at count towards your prizes!

  • Sell $400 online and CAMP MASTERS will email you a $10 AMAZON gift card!

Council Top Seller: Pine Tree Council's top seller will earn a $500 Amazon Gift Card & Recognition in Pine Spills

District Top Seller (except Council Top Seller): $200 Amazon Gift Card & Recognition in Pine Spills

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