Pack Events

Pack Meetings

A Pack Meeting is when all the Dens meet together once a month. The Pack Meeting is a fun time for everyone and all Cub Scouts and their families are encouraged to attend.  Dens show off the projects they have been working on, lead songs, perform skits, and awards are presented to the Scouts. It is a time for the family to get information on upcoming activities and share in the Scouting spirit. Be sure to attend and join in the excitement while watching your son advance! We encourage scouts to wear their uniforms.

Den Meetings

Den Meetings are typically held weekly (except for Pack Meeting weeks) and provide your scout with opportunities to enjoy various planned activities, learn new skills, and have great fun. Please keep in touch with your scout's Den Leader so that you will know what activities are taking place and can track the progress your child is making. Meeting rooms will be assigned when the dens show up for their first meeting. 

Monthly Pack Trips/Activities

Pack 311 plans monthly activities per month and typical activities are hikes, apple picking/cidermaking, snow tubing, indoor rock climbing, and more! These activities provide your scout with opportunities to escape the indoors and have fun with their fellow scouts.  These activities are voluntary and sometimes have an out-of-pocket cost for our scouts. Families and siblings are welcome to join these events whenever possible.

Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is one of the most popular events on our yearly calendar. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. Then they race the cars in the competition which includes prizes for speed and design creativity. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. The Pack leaders will build tracks while you and your scout will design and build their derby car to enter the race. In December, the Pack provides the kits along with rules and instructions for design and competition.  The race is scheduled on a Saturday in March and the top racers from each Pack then qualify for the District Race in April. In February, the Pack will offer a 'Make & Take' event to provide any assistance to those scouts and families that need help cutting and assembling their derby car.


Every year the Pack participates in a couple of fundraisers.  In the spring we have our annual bottle drive and in the fall it is the Scout Popcorn sale. The Popcorn campaign runs from August through October and is the primary fundraising activity of our Pack. 

Scouts that participate in this event and sell popcorn can receive prizes and other recognition. We rely heavily on the funds generated by this fundraiser. Everyone’s participation is expected and appreciated. The pack retains over 30% of the proceeds of the popcorn sold and is the single largest source of funds for all Pack activities. 

More information can be found under Parent Resources on the Popcorn Fundraiser page

Service Projects

Periodically through the year, the pack will organize a project to benefit the community, such as a park clean-up, parades (Veterans Day & Memorial Day), Scouting for Food, Earth Day clean-ups, etc. Scouts are encouraged to participate and often a service project is required as part of their adventures need to earn their rank

Overnight Campouts

Scouting is an outdoor-based program. In Cub Scouting, camping is permitted in an age-appropriate context. Scouts must have an adult family member with them at all times when camping. If a Scout wishes to attend only the daytime activities of a campout you must make prior arrangements with the Cubmaster or Den Leader to discuss which guardian will be approved to take responsibility for your child if you cannot stay with them. You will need to fill out a permission slip for your child with all of the necessary emergency information included. Bring all the equipment you will need to enjoy the campout: tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, bug spray, etc.

Blue & Gold Banquet

Each year, Cub Scouts celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the BSA, on February 8, 1910, by having a Blue and Gold Banquet. Typically the event is held in February as a potluck dinner.  The event program includes awards, skits, and some form of entertainment.  In the past, we have had magicians, an exotic animal show, and a Glow in the Dark dance party!


For the 2nd year WEBELOS (Arrow of Lights), the final event as a Cub Scout is at our Crossover celebration. Crossing a bridge from a Cub Scout pack to a Scout BSA Troop is a symbolic act. A Crossover Ceremony (sometimes called a Bridging Ceremony) is an event packs choose to host to recognize the Scouts moving from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Our Crossover Ceremony sends Cub Scouts to walk across a mini-bridge to symbolize their move to Boy Scouts (think of it as a Cub Scout graduation). The Scoutmaster and scouts of their new Scouts BSA troop will be on the other side of the bridge to welcome them into their troop. 

This event takes place in March and the entire family, including grandparents and other special guests, are encouraged to attend. Scouts MUST wear their full uniform and the entire pack will be in attendance to celebrate the achievement of these scouts.

The Big Trip

Every year Pack 311 plans a 'Big Trip' for the spring.  This event varies but typically includes an overnight trip to a fun and exciting destination.  Past trips have included an overnight at the Old Sturbridge Village, Ecotarium, Museum of Science in Boston, family camping & a day trip to Funtown/Splashtown, an overnight at the USS Salem Battle Ship.

Step-up Ceremony & Ice Cream Social

In June of each year, cub scouts will attend a graduation ceremony to mark the completion of their experience in that year's grade and graduate or 'Step-up' into the next rank. As part of the ceremony, scouts receive the new Rank Badge they have earned.  

We also celebrate the end of the scouting year with an Ice Cream Social!  Family and other special guests are encouraged to attend.